Artist Maris (Mauro Mari) reviewed by Isabel del Rio


The power of the Phoenix

Vision, by Maris (Mauro Mari)

Vision, by Maris (Mauro Mari)


Issue 23 Yareah magazine: Hell @ Rodin


Roots & future = good contemporary art
Yareah next issue. Interview with Martin Cid
Collaborations: Charles KinneyElena MalecAlex PruteanuAnn Timmermans, Emric (Kabal), Paul WhiteMartin AskemPhil Mooney, Ivan de Monbrison, Bobby FoxIgnacio Zara

Martin Cid and Jack the Labrador, by Elena Malec

Isabel del Rio: Ancient women artists


Isabel del Rio is writing in Yareah magazine about Ancient Women Artists:

The Girls of Oil, by Isabel del Rio

La Roldana (Baroque):

Teresa Dieç (Middle Ages):

Kora (Ancient Greek):

Clara Peeters (Baroque):

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (Rococo):